I've been thinking lately about how I can use the tool of Instagram to highlight the important things in life and not just highlight me or my creations. While I still plan to take and share lots more coffee photos and art photos, I thought it would be a nice time to share photos of my closest friends and how wonderful they are.


Sam, an easy acquaintance, one I became fast friends with. We met at a time where we were each shifting around in our own separate groups and needed a friend who would stick around. I remember going to the mall for out first hang, going to our first instameet together, road trips, plays, sleep overs, Disney movies, coffee, coffee and more coffee. Sam is someone I hope to keep around as long as I can.

Julie, just who I needed last fall and I didn't even know it. She is the answer to my prayers for a kind and loving friend. She has taught me so much about friendship, family, faith and intentionally caring for others. She has showed me what it means to be soft, yet strong. Through our phone calls, texts and my favorite, our hand written letters, I know that our friendship will flourish even with distance. I hope our children will be friends one day and that we will share many home cooked meals together.

Claire, my longest friend here in Nashville. I look forward to each and every time I can see her, even if it's just for a moment. I cannot express how much our memories mean to me. From the time I bought her ice cream on a high school mission trip, dyeing our hair with kool aid at 1am on New Year's Day, sharing the beloved Land's End shirt I lost at her house, the Chinese fire drills we did with Cam and Noah last August. Being friends with Claire is easy. She laughs at all my jokes, even when they're not funny, she always hugs me when she sees me and never forgets to tell me she loves me when she says goodbye. I hope everyone can find someone like Claire to call their friend.


These women are so close to my heart. Though I am sure I will make more and different friends in years to come, I hope these ones know how much they have impacted me and how much they mean to me. I love you all so much! You are all sacred treasures.

xo Kaylee

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