Evening, a new start

 The other night, I stopped at the front of my neighborhood on my way home. Actually, I pulled onto my street, but I turned around because the light was just too beautiful. Evenings alone with my camera and me are something I cherish. I know one day I won't spend quite as much time alone as I do now, so I'm trying to learn and appreciate all I can in this time.

 I want to move forward. Not move on, just forward. I want to say I'm proud of what I've created so far in my life, but I'm really not. There are a few pockets of excelled creativity I'm proud to call mine, but as a whole, I am disappointed and frustrated with myself.

 I know, however, that is not how Jesus sees me. He sees my gifts and He sees my small, but willing heart. I don't want to miss out on a life filled with His blessings and goodness, all because I was too busy doubting myself and lusting after other people's lives.

Let this be a pivot, a shift in my priorities. To think less of myself and what I should do, and more of how capable and sovereign God is, and what I can do to submit to His calling for my short life.

Kaylee BanksComment