Instameet Nashville

I made it to another instameet this weekend!

 It's been a good year or so since Alex stopped hosting his monthly meets, and I've definitely noticed a hole in my life because of it. Haha, but alas, a buddy of mine, Jackson Thomas hosted a meet this Friday and I will hold it to him to keep hosting! He's a super cool dude and the group he attracted made for a fun afternoon.

 There were some photographers from Sony who joined in on our fun down at the walking bridge in downtown Nashville. They were passing through the city taking shots with a new unreleased Sony camera, I believe. It was awesome having them hang with us for a bit.

 I didn't take tooo many portraits - it's been a while since I've been in the instameet grind, haha - but I got some cool BTS shots of everyone just kinda hanging. Enjoy!

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